To book or make a reservation for a fishing trip, you can Text, Email or visit our website.

  1. Email AngryFloater@Gmail.com
  2. Visit our website section called Fishing Charters. Review the charter that is best for you. Select CONTACT THE CAPTAIN if you have any questions or BOOK NOW SHOPPING CART to make a reservation.
  3. Text the Captain at (216) 406-2861
Bait, tackle, rod/reel, landing net, chilled beverage, and unlimited Captain Jokes are all included.

Some personal items are or may be needed during the trip and you should bring them

  1. Sun block, hat, sunglasses.
  2. Light colored clothes are suggested for the summer months. Warm clothes are suggested in the winter months.
  3. Any food and soft drinks you would like for duration of the trip.
  4. Rain Jacket.
  5. White sole sneakers or deck shoes. No football cleats or black sole shoes boots please.
  6. Sea sick prevention pills or patch. If you are susceptible to motion sickness, we recommend taking the medicine the night before your trip and just before you get on board.

We like to keep the boat open and deck space free for fishing. These items are not needed for your fishing time

  1. Large coolers loaded with ice.
  2. Hard Liqour.
  3. Illegal Drugs or Contraband
  4. Nagging spouse or loved one that irritates you and will prevent you from having a great time.

Yes, you are welcome to bring beer in a can and consume in moderation. No Hard liquor of any type is permitted. No glass bottles allowed

Yes, you can bring a small food snack cooler on board, but we ask only one per trip to minimize the clutter on the deck. Our on-board coolers are also available for your personal use. We suggest you bring a cooler with ice in your vehicle to carry your fish home in.
Cash is the prefer payment method. If you wish to pay by credit card there will be a fee of up to 4% charged. Please note,your trip must be paid in full prior to departure. If balance is due on the day of your trip, please pay in cash when you arrive at the boat launch.
To receive a full refund of your deposit, we ask that you give no less than 2 week notice prior to your scheduled departure. Trips cancelled by the captain anytime prior to departure, due to weather, mechanical or other unforeseen circumstances will be refunded within 1 week of cancellation. You have up to 2 years to reschedule a cancelled date.
Everyone over the age of 16 needs a licence to fish in Ohio. This applies to both residents and out-of-staters.
Yes. All your boated fish (except Channel Catfish weighing over 10lbs (will be released)) can be stored onboard in our fish cooler on ice. Once on land, they will be transferred to your cooler.