When you are practicing catch and release fishing for channel catfish, then the circle hook is your go to hook. Because of its unique shape, it is safe for fish, and increases successful catch and release. It is also safe for anglers because the sharp point of the hook is turned so far around toward the shank that it dramatically decreases the possibility of anglers hooking themselves or others. These hooks are made so that the hook almost has a circular shape, and with the point of the hook turning inward toward the shank.

Angry Floater fishing uses limber fishing rods and circle hooks for bait fishing. The bait, typically small fish or cut bait is threaded onto the circle hook, size 5/0 - 6/0 for medium fish and 7/0 - 10/0 for larger fish, leaving the hook totally exposed. When you get a bite, let the fish eat the bait. The light action rod will bend down towards the water. Simple reel down the line towards the fish. No "hook set" or rod jerk is needed. Circle hooks are specifically designed to locate in the jaw hinge ensuring a very high percentage of mouth hook ups. To land the fish, remove the rod from the holder and reel in your fish.

When hooked, the fish will not be able to shake off the hook like a standard fishing J hook. The location of the circle hook is almost always safely away from the cat fish's throat and gills. Circle hook are easy to remove from the fish. Since a majority of the hook ups will be in the mouth, a simple counter rotation of the hook is all that is needed to remove the hook.